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Terry's Texas Rangers
8th Texas Cavalry Regiment

Terry's Texas Rangers Regiment at Red River II Campaign

There were many Texas Rangers, but only the 8th Texas Cavalry were Terry's Texas Rangers -- one of the hardest fighting cavalry units during the War Between the States. 
Today, Historical Reenactors come from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Iowa and New Mexico to recreate the life and times of those brave men as authentically and historically correct as possible a century and a half later.

Terry's Rangers were one of the first Confederate Cavalry reenactors to also regularly portray Federal Cavalry.  It's not unusual to see Rangers portraying both Confederate and Federal Cavalry in the same battle reenactment in an effort to present more realistic representations of troop ratios.  With a complete Federal outfit and an extra gray blouse tied to a bedroll, "Galvanizing" to the other side is seamless.

Terry's Texas Rangers® is a historical, non-profit organization meeting the requirements of Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)3 as a tax exempt organization.  "The 8th Texas Cavalry, dba Terry's Texas Rangers" is the legal identity of this organization as incorporated by the State of Texas in 1994. "TERRY'S TEXAS RANGERS, TERRY'S RANGERS, 8th TEXAS CAVALRY, associated trademarks, logos and service names are trademarks of the Terry's Texas Rangers® Regiment and may not be used outside the Organization without the express written consent of the Terry's Texas Rangers Regiment.
Terry's Texas Rangers strive to present historical imagery in it’s proper historical context, and make every effort to clarify that historical context in the event such imagery has been or may be misrepresented by others. Terry's Rangers vigorously defend the rights, privileges and responsibilities of presenting historically correct interpretations of flags or imagery that may be controversial by modern standards, but opposes the misappropriation of such imagery with equal gusto. Abuse of historical imagery with the express intent of harassment is not in keeping with our purpose of historical education, and is not tolerated within the Regiment.